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Dr. Jennifer Sweeton 

For the past four years I have served as a consultant and project manager to Project Plus, a nonprofit organization funded by the French-American Charitable Trust. Project Plus consists of an interdisciplinary group of well-being researchers who are committed to synthesizing, contributing to, and expanding the science of well-being. During my time with Project Plus, I have had the privilege of learning from diverse “happiness experts” from different fields, backgrounds, and perspectives. Through inspirational collaborations, communications, and conferences, I have been exposed to many viewpoints on the causes of well-being and life-satisfaction. In addition, for the past five years I have worked toward my doctorate in clinical psychology at the PGSP-Stanford Psy.D. Consortium, where I have learned skills, strategies, and techniques that can help alleviate suffering and enhance individuals’ sense of well-being. Cumulatively, the wealth of information and skills that my colleagues and I have acquired is extremely valuable, and provide us with the ability to help a wide range of individuals seek life-satisfaction and address the sources of suffering.

My specific interests include evidence-based mindfulness practices, social justice issues, resilience, and positive psychology. My goal as the WOW Board Chair is to bring evidence-based well-being skills (see below) to diverse individuals, groups, and organizations in the Midwest. I currently work with veterans from all eras at the Oklahoma City VAMC, where I frequently teach mindfulness skills as a component of psychotherapy. In the past, I have provided mindfulness education and skills to a variety of individuals and populations, including law students, undergraduate students, professionals from corporations and nonprofits, veterans, government leaders within the Department of Homeland Security, underserved young adults, children, and rape survivors. The knowledge I bring to these populations comes from my training in clinical, personality, and social psychology, and my work with Project Plus. In addition, I have been trained in guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s “Art of Living” techniques, and have attended Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course. For a complete description of my experiences and training, please contact me for a copy of my CV.  


I offer free and low-cost workshops, trainings, psychoeducational presentations, and guided practice sessions. Please contact me for more information, or to request a service.


Services offered:

Mindful breathing (a variety of techniques for relaxation and concentration)

Loving-Kindness Meditation

Zen Meditation

Progressive muscle relaxation


Visual Imagery

Grounding techniques

A variety of other mindfulness exercises

Communication skills for relationships and/or the workplace

Academic coaching

Strengths assessment


Education offered:

Science supporting the WOW skills and services

Science behind the mind/body connection

Psychophysiology of stress

Links between stress, health, and well-being

Happiness research findings

Returning veterans’ well-being and adjustment to civilian life

Sexuality and “coming out” challenges

Gender issues and equality

Racial disparities in health care