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The services that WOW offer, for free or at low cost to groups and individuals nationwide, are as diverse as the Board Members themselves. However, these services aim to meet one of both of the following goals: 1) Provide psychoeducation on topics related to well-being happiness, life satisfaction, self-care, and/or stress management, and/or 2) teach evidence-based skills related to these topics. An ongoing consideration of cultural and other individual differences is critical, thus, the skills are taught with humility and flexibility, as we also aim to help individuals identify their own unique strategies for well-being. Below are examples of some of the skills and education offered by WOW. Please refer to the About WOW section for information about the specific services offered by each WOW expert in their respective communities.

WOW Skills and Services:


Mindful breathing (a variety of techniques for relaxation and concentration)

Meditation (including Zen, Loving-Kindness, and others)

Progressive muscle relaxation


Visual Imagery


Grounding techniques

Other mindfulness exercises (mindful walking, eating, and others)

Communication skills for relationships and/or the workplace

Skills to enhance parenting effectiveness

Skills to reduce child abuse and neglect

Strategies to improve children’s cognitive and emotion regulation

Academic coaching

Executive and personal coaching

Strengths assessment

WOW Education Topics:


Science supporting the WOW skills and services

Science behind the mind/body connection

Psychophysiology of stress

Links between stress, health, and well-being

Happiness research findings

Returning veterans’ well-being and adjustment to civilian life

Sexuality and “coming out” challenges

Gender issues and equality

Racial disparities in health care

College students’ well-being and adjustment to college life

Children’s emotional, mental, and academic well-being


Feel like something’s missing here, maybe a skill or topic you’d like to see? Go to the Contact Us page and let us know!